Beer: Nectar of the gods

The ultimate craft beer guide to Zagreb

Last few years Zagreb has a wonderful beer scene which is spreading every year with an exciting array of places to try.

Up for an adventure?

Grab your safety equipment and go collect some memories!

If you enjoy the thrill of visiting abandoned places devoured by nature and time, then welcome to Zagreb! Although the Croatian capital is mostly known for its charming architecture, it also hides some interesting and intriguing places that are very easy to reach.

Where to eat (good food) in Zagreb?

Croatian cuisine is heterogeneous and is known as a cuisine of the regions. Offers a unique blend of the best of many different regions.

Croatians are very proud of their gastronomic traditions, and while there are regional differences, you’ll find that freshness, grilling, and daily baking are consistent across the country.

The Value of Art

Museum Exhibits, Art Events, Gallery Shows in Zagreb

From explorations of our shared history or the natural world to captivating new works of art…

Sport in Zagreb/Croatia

What is Croatia’s secret to sporting success?

It’s no secret that Croatia has achieved remarkable sporting success, especially after gaining independence in the 1990s. Croatia has seen success in some of the most competitive sports in the world.

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