The Cookie Factory

The Cookie Factory sweetshop cafe in the heart of the city center will satisfy any craving! Serves cookies and cakes inspired by American traditions (the aroma of like Grandma used to make ) and [...]


Sarma is a traditional winter dish of Croatia. It's made out of minced meat, which is rolled into sour cabbage leaves and cooked along with more sour cabbage.

Čobanac – Shepherd’s stew

Čobanac, or Shepherd’s stew, is a specialty from the eastern Croatian region of Slavonia. It is a traditional meat stew usually prepared in a cauldron on an open fire. Although not too spicey [...]


‘Peka’, or ‘under the bell’, is something you need to try at least once when in Croatia. Usually lamb, veal or octopus is placed with vegetables inside a dish with a metal lid. The dish is then [...]