Blessed Mary with Four Angels

Gilded bronze statue of Maria Immaculata on a sphere with snake and a crescent moon, standing on top of a round column. On the square base are four gilded bronze angels representing the

Statue of Tin Ujevic

Tin Ujevic is one of the greatest poet in 20th century Croatian literature. Statue is set up in Varšavska street, near the cinema "Europa"

Antun Gustav Matoš monument

One of the most popular selfie monuments in Zagreb is Antun Gustav Matoš sculpture on Strossmayer promenade at Upper Town Zagreb. You can take a seat next to him on a bench, you can sit in his [...]

Statue of Kumica Barica

Located on the stairs to Dolac Market, Zagreb's main open-air farmers' market, is this bronze statue of a peasant market woman called "Kumica Barica".

Nikola Tesla Statue

Nikola Tesla was born in Croatian region called Lika, in Smiljani, a small village nearby Plitvice Lakes in 1856. One of the greatest minds of all the times has his great monument in Zagreb town, [...]

Statue of Marija Juric Zagorka

Marija Jurić, pen-name Zagorka (March 2, 1873 – November 30, 1957) was a Croatian journalist and writer. She was the first female journalist and among the most read writers in Croatia.