Pro Tip

Buy Zagreb Card: You get access to the city’s best transportation and culture. By purchasing ZAGREB CARD you are entitled to ride city public transit (trams, buses and the funicular) free of charge.

Practical Information

Zagreb is, in general, a very safe city to visit. But just like in any other city, it’s always wise to keep alert so that you can enjoy your time here. You’ll find Zagreb to be a warm and [...]

Drone footage regulations in Zagreb

The Croatian drones’ law makes an exception for unmanned aircraft if they can not reach a kinetic energy of 79 joules. This makes flights with some camera copters possible, without having to [...]

Can you drink tap water in Zagreb?

More than 87% of the population in Croatia is connected to the public water supply system. Water from these public water supply systems is controlled regularly and is safe to drink.

WiFi / Hotspots in Zagreb

Visit WiFi Space for interactiv map of Zagreb Hotspots. How to get free WiFi in Zagreb? Very simple. To do this, select a WiFi hotspot on the map and view the password or find the nearest [...]

Croatian Currency

Even though Croatia is now part of the European Union, and is committed in time to joining the single currency, at present the currency remains the kuna (code HRK).