Tolkien’s House

This is a bar of a long tradition. It was among the first bars in Zagreb with an imaginative interior and such a diversity of drinks.

The Cookie Factory

The Cookie Factory sweetshop cafe in the heart of the city center will satisfy any craving! Serves cookies and cakes inspired by American traditions (the aroma of like Grandma used to make ) and [...]

Caffe de Matoš

One of the most romantic spots among Zagreb Christmas locations, Cafe de Matos is at the east end of Stross Promenade.

Caffe Bar Finjak

Opened next to a bookstore in 2015, editions piled up around the furniture and ornaments from the first half of the 1900s, Finjak is unique enough to attract custom from anywhere in the city centre.

Cogito Coffee

Flagship city-centre bar of the Cogito bean-roasting outfit, this recently-opened clinic for unrepentant caffeine-a-holics is just off the main street,

Cat Caffe Zagreb

Pet, vegan i LGBTIQ+ friendly. The first Cat Caffe in Croatia. Enjoy a variety of tasty beverages and spend quality time with our seven cats. Pet, vegan and LGBTIQ+ friendly.Pet, vegan i LGBTIQ+ [...]