Museum Mimara

Housed in an imposing neo-Renaissance former school is the eclectic, globe-trotting private art collection of Ante Topić Mimara, who donated over 3750 priceless objects to his native Zagreb (even [...]

Museum of Contemporary Art

Costing some €60 million and covering 14,500 square metres, the MCA – MSU in Croatian – is the most significant museum to open in Zagreb for more than a century. Its collection includes pieces [...]

Museum of Broken Relationships

The Museum is permanently located in the beautiful baroque Kulmer palace in the Upper Town – a historical part of Zagreb rich in tourist attractions. An unavoidable sight in your exploration of [...]

Antun Gustav Matoš monument

One of the most popular selfie monuments in Zagreb is Antun Gustav Matoš sculpture on Strossmayer promenade at Upper Town Zagreb. You can take a seat next to him on a bench, you can sit in his [...]

Statue of Kumica Barica

Located on the stairs to Dolac Market, Zagreb's main open-air farmers' market, is this bronze statue of a peasant market woman called "Kumica Barica".

The Well of Life

The Well of Life (sometimes also At the Well of Life or the Fountain of Life; Croatian: Zdenac života) is a sculpture by the Croatian sculptor and architect Ivan Meštrović installed in front of [...]

Nikola Tesla Statue

Nikola Tesla was born in Croatian region called Lika, in Smiljani, a small village nearby Plitvice Lakes in 1856. One of the greatest minds of all the times has his great monument in Zagreb town, [...]

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