Stone gate, Zagreb Shrine

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Stone gate is the only gate preserved today. It was built in 13th century as one of four main gates leading to the town.

Together with St. Mark’s church, it stands as a living testimony to past times and free royal Gric city, a predecessor to Zagreb.

Within the gate, you will find a shrine and stone slabs praising the Mother of God. The shrine of our lady of the Stone Gate houses the painting of the Mother of God. Which miraculously survived the 17th-century fire and is protected by an artistically forged iron fence.

The square stone slabs are engraved all over, within the gate passage. These stone slabs present locals thanks and praise to the Lady Virgin. You will notice most of them have the word “Hvala Ti”, which is translated to “Thank You”.

The Gate is regularly visited by people who come to light a candle and thank the Lady for protecting them.

As you walk through you are passing between the Upper and Lower town. Stop for a minute and feel the peace and tranquillity of flickering candlelight and silent prayer.

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