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Zagreb’s public transport is deservedly recognized as one of the symbols of the city, adding to its iconic image that is well-known throughout the world. For this reason, public transport plays an active role in the organization of tourist attractions offered by the city.

From 1st of July 2018., except daily tickets, the only tickets that can be bought from the driver are those worth 15 kunas, which are valid 90 min. in one way and in one tariff zone. Other types of tickets can be bought at ZET selling spots or kiosks of our contracting partners.
Tram Lines

Tram Lines

Transport of passengers in Zagreb as we know it today would be unimaginable without trams, which have been operating safely through the streets of Zagreb for more than a century, running along a 120-kilometre-long track.

Our fleet, which covers 15 daytime lines and four night lines, carries more than 200 million passengers a year.

Use the right-hand menu on this website to find out more about tram line routes and timetables.

Daytime lines

Line From Via To Depot
1† Zapadni kolodvor Ban Jelačić Square Borongaj Trešnjevka
2 Črnomerec Jukićeva, Glavni kolodvor, Autobusni kolodvor Savišće Trešnjevka
3† Ljubljanica Ulica grada Vukovara Savišće Trešnjevka
4 Savski most Glavni kolodvor Dubec Dubrava
5 Prečko Ulica grada Vukovara, Autobusni kolodvor, Kvaternikov Trg Dubrava Trešnjevka
6 Črnomerec Ban Jelačić Square, Glavni kolodvor, Autobusni kolodvor Sopot Dubrava
7 Savski most Velesajam, Autobusni kolodvor Dubec Dubrava
8† Mihaljevac Autobusni kolodvor Zapruđe Dubrava
9 Ljubljanica Glavni kolodvor Borongaj Trešnjevka
11 Črnomerec Ban Jelačić Square Dubec Trešnjevka / Dubrava
12 Ljubljanica Ban Jelačić Square Dubrava Trešnjevka
13 Žitnjak Ulica grada Vukovara, Ban Jelačić Square, Glavni kolodvor, Trg žrtava fašizma Kvaternikov Trg Dubrava
14 Mihaljevac Ban Jelačić Square, Savska cesta, Velesajam Zapruđe Dubrava
15 Mihaljevac Dolje Dubrava
17 Prečko Savska cesta, Ban Jelačić Square Borongaj Trešnjevka

† Line does not operate on weekends and public holidays.
Lines 10 and 16 no longer exist. Line 10 used to connect Savski most and Borongaj via Glavni kolodvor, but it was discontinued in the early 1980s, when a reorganisation of lines, which reintroduced line 1, made it impossible to have a line number 10, due to shift numbering, which would make lines 1 and 10 overlap. Line 16 used to connect Črnomerec and Zapruđe, but it was discontinued in 1991, due to a shortage of drivers when the Croatian war of independence started.

Line 15 is a specific exception:since it was opened in the 1960s, the line is closer to a light rail line than an actual tram line. It runs for approx. 3 km from Mihaljevac to Dolje. The line runs on a completely segregated right of way. A special type of catenary was developed for the line, which allows trams to reach speeds of 60kmh. Thus, the line from Mihaljevac to Dolje is the fastest and the shortest line in the entire tram network.

The network of daytime tram lines in 2009 (Line 5 has since been extended to Maksimir and Kapelska and Hanuševa stops were removed)

Night-time lines

Line From Via To Depot
31 Črnomerec Ban Jelačić Square, Glavni kolodvor, Autobusni kolodvor, Velesajam Savski most Dubrava
32 As line 17
33 Dolje Glavni Kolodvor, Vodnikova, Ulica grada Vukovara Savišće Dubrava
34 Ljubljanica Ban Jelačić square, Glavni kolodvor Dubec Trešnjevka

Night-time lines are often substituted by buses due to track maintenance and repairs.

Bus Lines

Bus Lines

Our bus service, running on 143 daytime and four night lines, connects the areas of the City of Zagreb, Velika Gorica and Zaprešić, with organized passenger transport services provided in the municipalities of Bistra, Luka, Stupnik and Klinča Sela as well.

To view timetables for daytime and night bus lines, click on the right-hand menu!



Cable car for the Upper Town is the oldest means of transport of the organized public transport in Zagreb. It connects the Lower and the Upper Town every working day, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 6:30 a.m. till 10 p.m.! It runs every ten minutes and the price of one ride is HRK 5. If needed, passengers can order an emergency ride which costs HRK 25.

Tickets and Fares

Tickets and Fares

Single fare, daytime (validity 90 minutes)​ HRK 10,00
Single fare, daytime (validity 60 minutes) HRK 7,00
Single fare, daytime (validity 30 minutes) HRK 4,00
Single fare, night time HRK 15,00

Tickets purchased from the drivers

Single fare, daytime (validity 90 minutes) HRK 15,00
Single fare, night time HRK 15,00
Daily ticket HRK 30.00

Funicular fare


Funicular fare – one-way HRK 5,00
Emergency ride fare​ HRK 25,00

Multi-day tickets


Daily ticket, all-day fare HRK 30.00
3 days HRK 70.00
7 days HRK 150.00
15 days HRK 200.00
30 days HRK 400.00

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