New edition of the favorite Summer Art project – At a New Location

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Ribnjak becomes a new destination for Art Park fans

The well-known art story of the Art Park from Tomićeva Street, during June and July, is moving to a new location – a beautiful green park called Ribnjak. This will make this new city oasis become a small street art gallery in the open and a place of numerous music, film and sports gatherings

The artistic project, which has for the past three years been marked by a once completely discontented park at Tomićeva Street, transformed it into a favorite creative oasis for numerous visitors during the summer months, this time to revive another location in the center of Zagreb. In the period between June 14 and July 21, 2019, the Ribnjak Park will become the destination for all program enthusiasts and atmospheres brought by Art Park. The central meadow, right next to the children’s park on Ribnjak, is designed to make this summer a place where you will find refreshments in the shade, play ping-pong, relax in the hammock swings, watch the movie, read the book, listen to the travelogue, play quiz, practice yoga or encounter a good spontaneous concert and dj session.

“This year we decided to return to the original idea of Art Park as a traveling project that contributes to the revival of different locations with its artistic program. After the introductory spring event marking a one-day social gathering with the painting of the Baba Lune wall on Plitvice Street and the guest appearances within this year’s Floraarta, the Art Park arrives on the Pond on June 14th. We invited various artists to help us paint the park, design new design solutions for a pleasant outdoor stay and with the help of Floraarta additionally envelop the location, set up a special offer of summer cocktails while the program will consist of workshops for large and small movie nights, lectures, quizzes and the most important – pleasant summer gatherings “, they say from the Art Park organization.

Weekend Opening 14th, 15th and 16.6. will mark the “7 majestic” young artists; Dominik Vuković, KLARXY, Kila letters, Mislav Lešić, Pilj, Ivan Gamera Oštarčević and Nikica aka Đani Lagano who will paint live panels. The well-known DJ Kuna and DJ Zak, as well as a special guest from Berlin, and a regular member of the Goulash Disco music station, Logeshen Moorgan, aka Fourmï Rouz, will take care of the good music. On Saturday, visitors will also experience the violin violin Violin Secrets violinist sounds. The Didactic Games will set up a Museum of Illusions on Ribnjak, and the Planet Planet, who loves to recycle and create new interesting objects, will hold two workshops on Saturday and Sunday, starting at 5 pm.

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