Caffe de Matoš

One of the most romantic spots among Zagreb Christmas locations, Cafe de Matos is at the east end of Stross Promenade.


These tasty grilled skinless sausages are famous in the region and definitely worth a try whilst you are in Croatia.


Sarma is a traditional winter dish of Croatia. It's made out of minced meat, which is rolled into sour cabbage leaves and cooked along with more sour cabbage.


Fritule (pronounced freetooleh) are aromatic bite-sized dough balls made particularly for Christmas, flavoured with lemon and orange zest,

The Garden Brewery

The Garden Brewery is a craft beer production facility with a difference, combining beer, food and events. The most original place in to have a beer. There is always a new taste on tap so [...]

Advent on Stross

The tree-lined Strossmartre parade, which looks out over the city, is a romantic spot at any time of year, but it's all the more magical in winter.

Advent on Zrinjevac

The leafy Zrinjevac looks spectacular dressed up in fairy lights. Advent here consists of market stalls selling warm food, with a particular emphasis on traditional Croatian dishes

Čobanac – Shepherd’s stew

Čobanac, or Shepherd’s stew, is a specialty from the eastern Croatian region of Slavonia. It is a traditional meat stew usually prepared in a cauldron on an open fire. Although not too spicey [...]

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