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Walking through the epicenter of Zagreb, you´ll probably run into a two-metre-wide golden sphere in Bogovićeva Street, the artistic installation from Ivan Kožarić called “The Grounded Sun”. But did you know that there is a whole Solar System built upon that, in proportional dimensions and distances, for which even the vast majority of Zagreb residents don´t know where it is? The planets are displayed as metal orbs (ranging in diameter from 3mm up to
28cm) below which there are tablets with a name, diameter and an average distance from the Sun. Although the author of the planets, Davor Preis, never disclosed the locations he placed them in, we are here revealing their  “addresses”:

  • Mercury – Margaretska Street Nr. 3
  • Venus – Ban Josip Jelačić Square Nr.3
  • Earth – Varšavska Street Nr. 9
  • Mars – Tkalčićeva Street Nr. 21
  • Jupiter – Voćarska Street Nr. 71
  • Saturn – Račićeva Street Nr. 1
  • Uranus – Siget Nr. 9
  • Neptune – Kozari Road Nr. 48 (Kozari Bok district)
  • Pluto – Bologna Avenue, on the bearing column of the underpass (although the tablet still stands, the tiny planet was torn off after being “expelled” from the Solar System)


Although the three planets closest to the Sun are in the nearest vicinity of the Ban Jelačić Square, if you want to visit all of them it´s necessary to cover about 30km. To make discovering them easier, there is an interactive program called Zagreb Space Walk for groups of min. six people. The program lasts for up to two hours, the price per person is 145kn, and all the participants receive a gift as a memento of this unusual Zagreb sightseeing tour.

Source: https://hr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prizemljeni_Sunčev_sustav
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