Drone footage regulations in Zagreb

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Time of operations:

Drones can only be controlled during the day in Croatia.

Specific regulations:

The Croatian drones’ law makes an exception for unmanned aircraft if they can not reach a kinetic energy of 79 joules. This makes flights with some camera copters possible, without having to overcome the bureaucratic hurdles!

Copter maneuvers must also be documented with the following information:

Flight date

Times of take-off and landing, as well as flight time
Name of the pilot
Place of the flight
Classification of the flight
Take-off weight of the used drone
Notes about specific incidents during the flight.

The records must be kept for two years. You can order a flight book for the documentation that fulfills the demands here.

In order to carry out flights with UAS in the Republic of Croatia, an operator shall comply with Ordinance on unmanned aircraft systems, published in Official Gazette number 49/15 and 77/15. In attachment you can find English version. Depending on the mass of your unamanned aircraft and the population of the area of operations, requirements range from simple Operator’s Declaration to CCAA Approval.

On following link you can find Operator’s declaration (FOD-FRM-005) which must be filled before starting flight operations by unmanned aircraft systems in Croatia: http://www.ccaa.hr/english/forms_64/

Please fill it and send to e-mail: dorotea.miksic@ccaa.hr or damir.bezik@ccaa.hr to check if it is correctly filled. If Declaration is correctly filled you should send original to CCAA address and then you can start performing flight operations.

You are also obliged to contact State Geodetic Administration http://www.dgu.hr/ if you need additionally approval for aerial photography, developing, reproduction, publishing and/or taking aerial photographs out of the Republic of Croatia.


More info:ccaa.hr

Drone footage regulations are strict in Zagreb. You need to submit an Operator’s Declaration to the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (FOD-FRM-005) for performing category A, B or C flight operations, or obtain an approval for performing category D flight operations.

  • Drones have to have an identification label.
  • No-fly zones are at least 3 kilometres from airports and military zones.
  • Flying is allowed at least 30 meters from people or objects.
  • If you are near a crowd, do not fly closer than 150 meters.
  • Maximum altitude allowed is 500 meters.
  • Night flying is not allowed.

You can find more information at Croatian Civil Aviation Agency website.

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