Defying the tooth of time: a 1909 pharmacy

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Not far from Britanski Square, in the secessionist cornerhouse at Ilica Nr. 79, you can find one of the most representative and best-preserved Zagreb pharmacies from the beginning of the 20th century – the Red Cross Pharmacy (today the City Pharmacy). The structure was built for Ladislav Gayer, who lived on the first floor, while his pharmacy was located on the ground floor, with entrance highlighted by relief portraits of Hygieia and Eskulap. Equipped with richly decorated pharmacy furniture, with delicate art nouveau stained-glass doors and marble countertops, the pharmacy opened in early 1909. Unlike other Zagreb pharmacies, this one has managed to maintain relatively intact in its entirety – it preserved its original function and original furniture, and is therefore an extremely valuable part of the recent history of Zagreb pharmacy. If you decide to take a peek into this pharmacy from other times, please be careful and don´t touch anything, so its beauty can last for another hundred years.

Source: Fatović-Ferenčić, Stella & Bogdan, Jasenka. (2011). Odolijevajući vremenu: Gayerova ljekarna Crvenom križu iz 1903. godine. Medicus. 20.
  • Address

    Gradska ljekarna, Ilica 79, Zagreb

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