Museum of Contemporary Art

Costing some €60 million and covering 14,500 square metres, the MCA – MSU in Croatian – is the most significant museum to open in Zagreb for more than a century. Its collection includes pieces [...]

Museum of Broken Relationships

The Museum is permanently located in the beautiful baroque Kulmer palace in the Upper Town – a historical part of Zagreb rich in tourist attractions. An unavoidable sight in your exploration of [...]

Advent in Maksimir

Just around the corner from the bustling city streets and pavements, just behind the main entrance to Maksimir Park, you will discover an Advent oasis where adults and children can have a great [...]

Advent on Stross

The tree-lined Strossmartre parade, which looks out over the city, is a romantic spot at any time of year, but it's all the more magical in winter.

Advent on European Square

The European Square is the best place to enjoy concerts and exhibitions, said to have the ‘urban flair’! It sure offers beautiful souvenirs and great mulled wine for those wanting to warm up.

Ice park

This year, King Tomislav’s Square has once again been transformed into a place of surreal beauty with thousands of holiday lights reflected in the icy meandering little runways. It is the square [...]

Advent on Zrinjevac

The leafy Zrinjevac looks spectacular dressed up in fairy lights. Advent here consists of market stalls selling warm food, with a particular emphasis on traditional Croatian dishes

Antun Gustav Matoš monument

One of the most popular selfie monuments in Zagreb is Antun Gustav Matoš sculpture on Strossmayer promenade at Upper Town Zagreb. You can take a seat next to him on a bench, you can sit in his [...]

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